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Rent an ADR vacuum truck at AQ-Rent

ADR vacuum trucks

Do you want to rent an ADR vacuum truck? Rent your ADR vacuum trucks for industrial cleaning at AQ-Rent! Our powerful ADR vacuum trucks can be used for industrial cleaning at refineries and industrial plants, among other things. ADR vacuum trucks are suitable for extracting, pressing and transporting liquid substances, gases and sludge. Thanks to the ADR certification, the vacuum truck is also suitable for working with hazardous goods, such as flammable substances and oils. Think of our ADR vacuum truck or ADR sewer combi. View all our ADR vacuum trucks for rental here.


Would you like to rent an ADR vacuum truck? Please contact AQ-Rent for decent advice and information about the rental options. Call us on +31 (0)72 540 66 99 or send an email to info@aq-rent.com.