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AQ-Rent, renowned and independent rental company

High-quality rental equipment for the long or short term

aqrent renowned and independent rental company

AQ-Rent, renowned and independent rental company

Since 2002, AQ-Rent has been the answer to your demand for safe and high-quality rental equipment for all your cleaning works, including vacuum trucks, high-pressure units and ultrasonic units. AQ-Rent is one of the most renowned, independent rental companies in Europe when it comes to the rental of heavy industrial cleaning equipment. Because we work closely with the KOKS Group manufacturer, you get the benefits of innovative and high-quality equipment that is certified according to the latest safety standards.

Rental options

The AQ-Rent rental fleet consists of more than 60 machines. You can rent the equipment from AQ-Rent on a daily, monthly and/or annual basis. A customised rental proposal with the options for each timeframe can be provided on request.


aqrent rental options
aqrent fast and professional

Fast and professional

At AQ-Rent, we have an experienced team able to offer you all the knowledge for working safely and efficiently with the latest vacuum trucks and industrial cleaning equipment. If you would like, we can deliver and/or collect the equipment on site and give instructions to your operators. Our 24/7 availability offers you the flexibility you are looking for to grow your business. In short: you want to rent AdeQuate and A-Quality cleaning equipment for the long or short term. We arrange everything for you. Fast, good and affordable.

Why AQ-Rent?

  • Renowned and independent rental company
  • No investment and maintenance costs
  • Extensive fleet with rental throughout Europe
  • Constant renewal, so new machines
  • Innovative, safe and reliable vehicles and units
  • Comply with all applicable environmental and safety standards
  • Short and long term rental options
  • Fast delivery, good service and available 24/7
aqrent why aq rent
aqrent growing and innovative company without logo

Growing and innovative company

“As a growing and innovative company, AQ-Rent has built an excellent reputation for the rental of cleaning equipment in the petrochemical sector and other industries. AQ-Rent is not only a major player on the Dutch market, but in Europe too; many customers already use advanced equipment from AQ-Rent to do their work during daily activities, shutdowns or for longer contracts.”​

Jaap de Groot
Director at AQ-Rent

AQ-Rent United Kingdom

In 2018, AQ-Rent established a branch in the United Kingdom, AQ-Rent UK Ltd., to support customers there. This means we have invested in local support and trucks, which are right hand drive.

Please contact our General Manager in the UK, named Gavin Beedle, via:
Phone: +44 164 284 31 06
Mobile: +44 7391 601 272
E-mail: info@aq-rent.co.uk

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AQ-Rent is a response to the increasing market demand for top A-quality rental products. Rental company AQ-Rent works closely with KOKS Group, and operates from the KOKS Group head office in Alkmaar. As a result, AQ-Rent can benefit from all the facilities, know-how and strengths of the KOKS Group and its operating companies. AQ-Rent is the answer to your question about AdeQuate rental equipment for all kinds of cleaning works. AQ not only stands for AdeQuate, but also for A-Quality ... the best of us, for you.

Rental company industrial cleaning equipment and vacuum trucks AQ-Rent in Alkmaar, the Netherlands

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