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Ultrasonic cleaning unit - 2 meter vessel

Ultrasonic cleaning system for rent

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  • Minimal damage to object to be cleaned
  • Minimal pollution at the washing place
  • Environmental friendliness

Our 2 meter ultrasonic cleaning unit has been developed for effective cleaning of parts, components, pump housing and small bundles. This makes it an ideal system for continuous use in cleaning issues.

The system offers an effective workspace of 2.35 mx 1.0 mx 1.3 m. The ultrasonic cleaning unit offers a state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning power in a compact and easy-to-operate platform.

The system has been developed to generate a faster and higher cleaning level through ultrasonic power in combination with specialized degradable chemicals. Due to the microscopic level perfect internal and external penetration is created.

Technical specifications
Brand : KOKS
Type : EcoSonic
Dimensions : 2 m vessel usable dimensions 2.35 x 1.0 m (lxw)
Material : all stainless steel construction
Total ultrasonic energy : max. 24 kW.
External dimensions : 5m x 1.95m x 2.50m
Basket internal diameter : 2.2m x 0.78m
Suitable for : Cleaning of parts, components and heat
  exchangers with ultramodern ultrasonic 
  cleaning power.


Can be used for
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Petrochemical activities
  • Shutdown cleaning work
  • Automotive industry

This system is internally of stainless steel 304 and has a removable basket for inserting the objects to be cleaned. Operators can ergonomically monitor the system through a walkway on the side. There is an electronic control panel for the ultrasonic vessel which serves as a control for the entire unit. The system must be controlled by an external generator with a capacity of 100 kVA.

  • Basket to insert objects that fit throughout the unit
  • Oil skimmer and oil separator for the removal of floating substances
  • Roll-up tarpaulin to prevent heat loss and to limit emissions
  • Touch screen with very simple operation of the system
  • Capacity of the ultrasonic unit is 3,800 litters
  • Requested power is 70 kVA

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  • Minimal damage to object to be cleaned

  • Minimal pollution at the washing place

  • Environmental friendliness

  • Easy operation

  • (Waste) water saving

  • Suitable for deployment 24/7

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