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SIR high-pressure unit ready to rental again

26 November 2019
SIR high pressure unit ready for rental

After the hustle and bustle of the last shut-down period, this SIR approved high-pressure unit has been fully checked and is ready to be rented out.

You can ideally connect an Aquajet or Conjet robot to demolish concrete, an IBC or OBC for internal and external cleaning of heat exchangers, or a tank washing head to our Woma and Hammelmann 700 hp high-pressure pumps (1,000 bar at 262 l/min.) to clean tanks internally. Contact us today for short and long term rental options, or to make a plan for the upcoming shutdown periods.

For all long and/or short term rental options, you can contact AQ-Rent on +31 72 540 66 99.

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