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Compact sewer cleaning combi 3000 litres on MAN chassis | Used

Second-hand combi truck | AQ-Used ID no.: 0921248

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  • Year 2021
  • Suctioning and hosing at the same time
  • Max. 3,000 litres waste water/clean water tank

AQ-Used ID no.: 0921248


The compact sewer combination from the year 2021 is a combined high pressure and vacuum unit and has a max. cleaning pressure of 200 bar and a water capacity of 72 l/min. With a maximum total tank volume of 3,000 litres, the sewer combination is ideal for unblocking and cleaning domestic connections and sewers of up to Ø 600 mm and for emptying grease traps, septic tanks and flooded basements, among other things.


The sewer cleaning combi is present at the location in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. Of course you are more than welcome to admire it.

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Technical specifications

Compact sewer cleaning combi 3000 litres on MAN chassis

Brand: ROM

Model: SmartCombi PRO

Driven by: PTO of the chassis

Sludge tank: 2.000 liters

Spray water tank: 1.000 liters

Vacuum pump: Samson TM-600 9.600 l/min

High pressure pump: Speck, 72 l/ min at 200 bar


Hydraulic operated high-pressure hose reel fitted on a swivelling frame.

HP  sewer cleaning hose: 100 m 1/2” and 20 meter 3/8” on a second reel.

Fixed venturi piston including 10mm hose.

Reel with  50 meter 3/4” water filling hose

18 meter 2” vacuum hose on hydraulic operated hose reel

Separate manual operated  reel with 50 meter water filling hose.

Radiographic remote control.

Dry-running safety feature

Lockable design and closed roller shutter boxes behind the cabin.

Automatic opening and closing of the rear door.

4 x 3” suction hose of 3,2 meter

AQ-Rent colouring

Can be used for
  • Wells cleaning
  • Sewer cleaning
  • Septic tank cleaning
  • Grease pit cleaning
  • Ship cleaning

General information

Compact sewer cleaning combi 3000 litres on MAN chassis

Merk: ROM

Type: SmartCombi PRO


Chassis: TGL 12.220 4x2 BL chassis

Bouwjaar: 2021, Euro 6

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