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Air displacement vacuum truck with cyclone separator

Air displacement vacuum truck for rent

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  • For dry and wet fabrics
  • ADR and SIR certified
  • Self-cleaning cyclone separation

The air displacement vacuum truck with cyclone separator can be used for suctioning and blowing both dry and (hazardous / ADR) liquid substances, such as various types of catalyst, (roof) gravel, powders, fly ash and sludge. The vehicle is equipped with a high tipping system for unloading in big bags or containers, an ADR package and has the possibility to vacuum wet and dry.

The air displacement unit is the perfect installation for heavy suction, blowing and transport work in the ground / road and hydraulic engineering, (petro) chemical industry and for all general industrial applications.

Technical specifications
Brand : KOKS
Type : CycloVac Pro SkyTipper 8000 ADR
Chassis : Mercedes or MAN, 3-axle or 4-axle
Tank capacity : 12,000 or 15,000 liters
Capacity : 8,000 m3 / hour
Suitable for : suctioning  and blowing liquids and dry products such as
  sludge, sand, fly ash, cement, powders and jet grit
Special : ADR and SIR certified
  : high tipping system 8000
  : emptying in big bags and containers
  : quickly exchangeable rear cover (blowing, liquid or Big bag cover)
Optional : equipped with bulk compressor
  : equipped with excavator arm


Can be used for
  • Emergency cleaning
  • Ground suction / digging work
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Petrochemical activities
  • Sewer cleaning
  • Silo cleaning
  • Suck ballast
  • Sucking and blowing dry and wet substances
  • Pressing of liquids

The air displacement vacuum truck with  cyclone separator has a very large suctioning and blowing capacity via the powerful blower, which makes it possible to process and transport large quantities of dry substances, (liquids) substances, gravel, sand, etc. within a very short time. The result for you as a user is a large saving of time and a huge cost saving.

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  • For dry and wet fabrics

  • ADR and SIR certified

  • Self-cleaning cyclone separation

  • Easy operation

  • Suction with 8,100 m³ / hour, max. 96% vacuum; blown with 1,050 mbar positive pressure

  • Low maintenance costs

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