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Hammelmann ultra high pressure unit AquaJet 14 mounted on compact trailer | Used

Second-hand ultra high pressure pump | AQ-Rent ID no.: 0220199

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  • Year 2020
  • Max. 2,800 bar
  • High pressure accessories included

AQ-Rent ID no.: 0220199

This high pressure unit is driven by a Deutz Diesel motor. You could use the high pressure unit to removal of concrete, rost, lime, floors, schip cleaning and cleaning of tank walls. The unit has exterior high pressure connection and is mounted in a compact trailer. The Ultra high pressure pump has a maximum operating pressure of 2,800 bar and a flowrate of maximum 30 l/min.

The ultra high pressure unit is present at the location in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. Of course you are more than welcome to admire it.

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Technical specifications

Hammelmann ultra high pressure unit AquaJet 14

Brand: Hammelmann
Type: AquaJet 14
Year: 2020
Capacity: max. 2,800 bar at 30 l/min.
Driven by: Deutz Diesel engine
High pressure accessories

Can be used for
  • Emergency cleaning
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Concrete removal/renovation
  • Hydro demolition
  • Remove rust
  • Cutting steel
  • Renovation of floors
  • Petrochemical activities
  • Shutdown activities
  • Remove road markings
  • Ship cleaning
  • Oven cleaning

General information
Hammelmann 2,800 bar ultra high pressure unit
Brand: Hammelmann
Type: AquaJet 14

Compact 2-axle trailer
Water and fuel tank

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